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Research. Innovation. STEM Learning. Entrepreneurship.

Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible.’

— Matthew 19:26

Why join the research team?

At LCS, we recognize that children thrive in a supportive and nurturing community.  For those who have an intense interest in research science, the RISE Institute Research Team provides a caring community of like-minded individuals.

The Research Team is a safe place for those with a passion for science and an interest in doing something extraordinary to thrive.  The academic as well as the spiritual and social-emotional needs of high ability/highly motivated students are an important part of our program design.

The Research Team provides a place where students are both challenged and nurtured, where friendships are deep and learning is meaningful.

RISE Institute Distinctives:

-Discovery science modules for all middle schoolers combining Science, Technology, -Engineering and Math
-Special opportunities for kids who are passionate about science
-Independent research following the INTEL model
-Partnerships with researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs
-Travel, including annual Research Science Expeditions and field study at school

More Information on RISE:

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June 18, 2012: Ledger article “Program Enables Students to Pursue Scientific Research”
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