Students Out Thurs.24th for All-County Chorus

The following students will be out all day Thursday, 1/24 for All-County Chorus. The concert is Thursday at 7:30pm in Branscomb Auditorium at Florida Southern College.  All are welcome to attend!

LCS represents approximately 10% of All-County students who will be participating, so we have a very strong representation this year.  Please pray for an excellent testimony to our Polk County community as we represent the Lord and LCS in this event.

Ethan Sale 12
Dayne DeArmond 11
Carter Ferguson 11
Christopher Lamb 11
Carolina Rodriguez 11
Julia Calvert 10
Hailey Caylor 10
Jamie Murray 10
JT Stacy 10
Ella Bell 8
Brooklyn Powers 8
Kylie Kirkman 8
Elizabeth Lott 8
Ella MacDonald 8
Grace Pagliaro 7
Kaleigh Salmon 7
Marianella Carr 6
Mackenzie Edds 6
Abby Evans 6
Kase Gibson 6
Charlee Huffman 6
Myah Kane 6
Belle Medina 6
Caroline Morin 6
Sarah Plumley 6
Emma Polston 6
Sarah Remmer 6
Olivia Wood 6
Emma Zaychuk 6


Soli Deo Gloria!