Families in Crisis Fund

Families in Crisis Fund

Imagine losing a parent, losing both parents, or facing an unexpected family trauma that took away the opportunity for a child to continue at Lakeland Christian School.

Children facing crisis on the home front need stability in the other areas of their lives. The last thing with which they should have to deal is changing schools, and leaving the friends and teachers that care for them.

The Families in Crisis Scholarship Fund was established to enable LCS students facing these types of circumstances to continue at LCS. The stability of remaining with their friends and teachers that love them and care for them has been critical in helping these children and young people adjust to some very difficult situations.

The Families in Crisis Scholarship Fund has provided a vehicle for school families and friends to provide tangible assistance to these students in need. Please consider an investment in the lives of students who need the continued support of LCS.

Donations should be designated for the Families in Crisis Scholarship Fund and made payable to Lakeland Christian School. Donations to this fund are tax deductible.

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For more information, contact:

Mr. MattE Diaz
Director of Advancement
Lakeland Christian School
1111 Forest Park Street
Lakeland, Florida 33803