Annual Giving to LCS

Faithful gifts, forever flourishing

Prayerful contributions to the mission of LCS are never perishable.

In fact, they “feed” our future in countless ways!  Enriching curriculum, which enriches minds. Enhancing the campus, which enhances the quality of our school life. Upgrading technology and resources, which upgrades our students’ ability to learn and succeed in a world of constant change.

Annual giving to The Viking Fund is the primary development effort which allows all those things – and much more – to flourish!

Watch as Juniors Maddie Richert and Riley Jarrell explain The Viking Fund and this year’s projects:

Here’s what you need to know:

Q: What is The Viking Fund?

A: The Viking Fund is the annual giving initiative of Lakeland Christian School. Throughout each school year, LCS families and friends provide financial gifts to help provide important school opportunities. Contributions to The Viking Fund are given in addition to tuition and fees, and help LCS continue to provide a vibrant experience for children and young people.

Q: Why have an annual giving effort?

A: Providing excellent Christian education is expensive – especially in a comprehensive K4-12 school. LCS strives to offer outstanding opportunities in academics, the arts and athletics and in the variety of co-curricular activities that enhance the educational experience. As God continues to bless LCS with higher levels of enrichment, this progress includes increased financial obligations.

Q: Doesn’t my tuition cover everything?

A: Unfortunately not. With the breadth and depth of opportunity at LCS, tuition and fees simply do not cover all of the expenses for a dynamic school like Lakeland Christian.

Q: Then why not just increase tuition more?

A: This strategy would be an easy solution, but not the right one. The LCS leadership always wants to keep tuition increases as gentle as possible, to make a Lakeland Christian education accessible to as many families as possible. Gifts to The Viking Fund greatly help in this effort.

Q: How will my gifts be used? How will students be impacted?

A: Students are, truly, the direct beneficiaries of gifts to The Viking Fund. That’s because these contributions help fund a variety of critical school opportunities across all grade levels. In fact, you can designate that your particular gift be used to help fund one of the following significant LCS initiatives for the 2016-17 year:

  • Campus enhancement – restroom facilities across Forest Park Street, between the baseball field and practice/PE field
  • Classroom improvement - new work spaces for Elementary classrooms designed for collaborative learning; flexible configurations will encourage innovative teaching
  • Laboratory refurbishment - updated equipment for the Chemistry Lab and creation of Life Sciences Lab, with plans for Biosafety Level 2 Certification
  • Area of greatest need

Q: Who can give?

A: The entire LCS community! School parents, grandparents, students and other family members give to show support for their school and to keep tuition increases to a minimum, while still providing for excellence. Alumni and alumni parents give because they believe in their school’s mission and they want to provide for the students who now follow in their footsteps.

Q: How much should I give?

A: As with all stewardship giving, that’s up to you and God. We simply ask for all in the LCS community to give something. Please consider an amount that is in keeping with your capacity to give. Participation – at some level – is truly the key because your gift, regardless of the amount, will be an encouragement to our faculty and staff who equip the next generation.

Q: How do I give, and when?

A: You may give online at and click on Donate Now on the home page. Choose a one-time gift or make a commitment to give on a monthly or other regular basis during the school year. Appreciated securities, real estate or other items of value are also accepted. Giving commitments should be completed by June 30, 2017.

Q: How is my investment recognized?

A: Unless you tell us not to, Viking Fund contributions are recognized in the school’s Annual Report. Donors of $1,000 or more become members of The Viking Society and will be guests of the Chairman of the Board at a special reception.

Your support of The Viking Fund Annual Giving program is an act of stewardship to that portion of God’s Kingdom right here at Lakeland Christian School. We hope you are moved to provide gift support to LCS each year as part of your partnership with the school. When you stand beside us, we are better able to sharpen the minds and shepherd the hearts of the next generation!

The LCS Advancement Office can assist you with any questions or gift planning. Call 863/688-2771 or email Steve Wilson at