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Less Is More

As stores began to reopen after this springs’ shutdown, I was surprised at how much my shopping experience had changed.  The typical overflowing shelves, narrow aisles, and abundance of options had been replaced by wide aisles with sparingly stocked shelves and racks.  The stores seemed so open and empty, and my first reaction was dissatisfaction.  […]

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Do the Fans Matter?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers played their first game a few weeks ago.  As I was watching the game with my husband and my boys, I noticed that there were no fans.  I knew that this was already something that had been happening at other sporting events, but at the first Bucs game, it really stood […]

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2020 Hall of Honor Inductees

2020 Hall of Honor Inductees A life characterized by integrity, respect, endurance, faithfulness, perseverance, and humility is worthy of honor. When the consistent goal of that life is to glorify God and influence young people toward wholehearted devotion to the Savior, the life takes on eternal significance. We are pleased to honor two such gentlemen […]

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Coming Alongside: Justice, Mercy, and Mentoring

What does it mean to do justice and love mercy in 2020? In a world of toppling statues and burning precincts alongside alleged police misconduct, how can we have a correct understanding of the rights of citizens to speak their minds, the responsibility to do it lawfully, and the critical role of police to protect […]

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Conversations That Matter

And Great Parent Resources for Kids! One of the blessings of being in a Christian school community together is the ability to help sharpen one another “as iron sharpens iron” and strive with each other toward the common goal we share of pointing our children to Christ.  While we know it is the work of […]

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The 8 Questions of Senior Year

You are a senior. Now what? You may be reading this as a student or a parent, but either way you have imagined this moment for 12 years. Doesn’t it seem like yesterday that your dinosaur backpack or ballerina lunch box was prepped perfectly and you walked in the doors to kindergarten? Even more recently, […]

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The Importance of Reading to Your Child

One day in K4 a mom was “guest reader” in our classroom. She brought some books from her home that were some of her daughter’s favorites. One of the books was Pinkalicious by Victoria Kann. The mom asked if her daughter could “read” that book to the class. Wow! I was totally amazed. My K4 […]

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Faith Is Not ‘One Size Fits All’

The month before lockdown I traveled with a group of teachers to San Francisco to attend a conference on stress and the teenage brain. It’s almost comical now to think of sitting in workshops that taught us all kinds of brain science, theories, techniques and strategies on stress and trauma when we had no idea […]

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“How Deep Is The Mud?”

Whose idea was it for me to write the LCS blog the first week back to school during a pandemic?  I immediately felt the pressure to write something profound and inspiring…something that would make you say, “Wow, that girl is so wise beyond her years!”  But then I decided to take the pressure off and […]

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I Can’t Wait…

I can’t wait…. I don’t like to wait… in line to pay…to get on the plane…to get off the plane…for the repair person who promised to be here an hour ago…for my child to do what I asked him/her to do…in the waiting room for the doctor or dentist…for that person to call me back…for […]

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