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2022 LCS Hall of Honor Inductee, Coach Mike Sligh

Dr. Mike Sligh was inducted into the A. H. Hank Varnum Viking Hall of Honor during a halftime induction ceremony in Viking Stadium on Friday, September 16. The Hank Varnum Viking Hall of Honor is located in the lobby of the Evans Center and was made possible through the generosity of the Varnum Family. This […]

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Clean Stall vs Productivity

Shiny hallway floors are not the goal… The shiny hallway floor glistened beneath my feet as I walked on the third floor in late July. The fresh paint on the walls was pristine. The whole scene was peaceful, waiting to come alive in a few days. I was reminded of Proverbs 14:4. “Where there are […]

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The Image of God

Vantage Podcast is a conversation with students and parents about what it means to do education in the light of God’s word. As we prepare for this upcoming year, let’s take a couple of minutes to listen to the hearts of our children. In this episode, Geoffrey Stabler, Director of Biblical and Worldview Studies here at LCS, […]

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Dump truck processional

The parade of dump trucks continues… The scene on the site of our new high school building has been somewhat constant for weeks. First, trucks carried off hundreds of loads of samsula muck and now are importing load after load of fill. The process is an essential part of providing a solid foundation for the […]

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Walker, jogger, competitive runner – All are welcome!

With our Viking 5K right around the corner, I sat down with our LCS Cross Country and Track coach Milton Lyons. He shared some excellent information about how to get started if you want to run.  “It starts with the right equipment—your shoes,” Milton said. Investing in proper footwear is critical. You can get fitted […]

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The Freeze, The Roof, The Lesson

“Boys, pray that the fruit doesn’t freeze tonight. I’m counting on the money from the fruit to put the roof on the school.” My father shared this prayer request over dinner one night. A hard freeze was in the forecast. We had a small 9-acre grove surrounding our house on Lake Miriam Drive in the […]

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MORE Conversations That Matter

MORE Great Parent Resources for Kids! We are so blessed at LSC by the opportunity to encourage one another and build each other up as we strive together toward parenting our children in the Lord.  As parents we are reminded again and again of our complete dependence upon the Holy Spirit to soften the hearts […]

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Protecting our Children on the Internet

Last Wednesday we had a special guest on-campus, Lillian Vega, Polk County Deputy from the Criminal Prevention Division. She shared important information and helpful resources to protect our children on the internet.  Our children are experiencing a completely different world than we did as kids. They are exposed to so much and constantly trying to […]

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What are you THANKFUL for?

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.” 1 Chronicles 16:34 Thanksgiving has always been a cherished day for our family. My earliest childhood memories include our entire family piling on the couch, homemade gooey cinnamon rolls, and watching the Thanksgiving parade. Breakfast would morph into a humungous Thanksgiving feast. […]

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A Grandparents Impact

For several years, Grandparents Day has been one of our favorite days on the LCS campus. After missing last year’s event due to COVID-19, we committed to welcoming these special guests to campus again. This week, our elementary students have been honoring our grandparents and grand-friends with a time of Praise and Worship. Each grade […]

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