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Guiding Principles Regarding Screen Time

We talk a lot about “screen time” and what it looks like to bring glory to God with the way we use our devices.  For more in depth reading on this topic I recommend The Tech-Wise Family: Everyday Steps for Putting Technology in its Proper Place by Andy Crouch. While it is crucial that we […]

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It’s Not Called a Hole Punch

About a month ago, our weekly Bible theme was “God is holy.” Every day that week, our discussion or craft activity revolved around the concept of God’s holiness and what holiness means. For one of our crafts, I had planned for my students to make signs that read, “Holy Holy Holy.”  Once that part of […]

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Does That Place Really Exist?

I was on supervision duty a few weeks ago, and what I expected to be a normal teacher obligation turned out to be a wonderful blessing for my week. As I stood by the gate greeting students when they entered, I was pleasantly reminded of the very atmosphere of LCS I enjoyed during my time […]

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Why Does Math Have Such a Bad Rap?

How many times do we hear someone say, “ I’m not good in math”? It’s a subject that many dread; school aged, college aged, and yes, even adults. Considering that math is all around us, you would think we would embrace the subject. It is truly a universal language; 2 + 2 = 4 is […]

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Unknowns and Assurances

The long hallway looked daunting. I clutched my Garfield lunchbox as a parent volunteer pointed me in the direction of the last door on the left. It would be a long walk to my third grade classroom. This was my first year in this large, dilapidated, one hundred-year-old building. Gone was my cozy primary school where I […]

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Is “College Prep” Enough?

What kind of academic and career opportunities will be available to my LCS student upon graduation? Will the LCS high school program prepare them for the college of their choice? Will they be ready for the transitions that will face them upon graduation? Parents and students are increasingly anxious these days about some of these […]

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A Culture of Prayer

What do exercise and prayer have in common? A. More people talk about doing it than actually do it.B. The more you do it, the more you are motivated to do it.C. It takes personal discipline to make it a habit.D. It helps to do it with someone else who will keep you accountable.E. All […]

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SAT / ACT Testing and Prep

How many adults can remember their exact SAT or ACT score? One experience that has always gone along with college applications has been SAT or ACT testing. I remember taking them in high school and knowing it was just part of the process. Then years later I became a college admissions counselor and once again, […]

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My Final Playlist

I am not tech savvy AT ALL!  I am literally not kidding.  Just ask my husband and Sandy (my friend and coworker) who regularly rescue me from technological quandaries at home and work. As a result, the task of compiling a playlist of music on my phone has been quite a group effort and has […]

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But God Did…

Four years ago, I was in my 8th year of teaching 5th grade at LCS.  I loved teaching, but there was a part of my job that led me to begin praying for an opportunity to spend time leading the moms at LCS.  Let me explain…I realized through parent-teacher conferences with moms, that we were […]

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