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Am I Ever Going to Use This?

It’s the question that makes teachers and parents cringe: “Why do I have to learn this? Am I ever going to use this?” It’s such a hard question, because there’s a lot riding on the answer. If we simply say, “Listen, you just have to learn it to get a good grade, and, no, you’re […]

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A Sad Generation with Happy Pictures

My neighbors are really cool.  They moved to Lakeland about a year ago from Colorado with two big dogs.  They do adventurous things all the time that young married couples without kids enjoy doing.  Every Saturday they have a bunch of friends meet at their house and go ride their dirt bikes.  Sometimes they bring […]

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Photo Op with a “Giant”

I asked if I could have the privilege of a picture with O.D. He readily agreed to my request and we helped the 98-year-old gentleman to his feet for the photo op. We had just experienced the funeral for his wife of 72 years and most of the guests had departed.  When I mentioned Lakeland […]

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Kaybree's Prayer

Every morning before my kiddos go to school, we say a prayer on the car ride: “Everything I am, everything I have, everything I touch, belongs to You, Jesus. I am Your property, I am Your child. No weapon formed against me shall prosper! Love through me today. In Jesus’ name, Amen!” This prayer was […]

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Is your soon-to-be-four year old ready to join the LCS family?

We are excited to grow our LCS family one little person at a time!  At LCS, we take seriously our calling to love, teach and prepare our students for the road ahead. As our mission statement reads, we “…educate students in the light of God’s Word to equip them for a lifetime of learning, leadership, […]

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Go Do Something Fun!

I sat in a comfortable cushioned seat as the professor scribbled away on the large chalkboard in the auditorium that my organic chemistry class was in. One board would get filled up and then using a pully system, that board would be raised and another lowered. I had never seen such a large chalkboard wall […]

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Out of the Mouth of Babes…

     Every year, the K4 kids participate in the K4 Christmas Program.  As teachers, it is our privilege to teach our students about the Christmas story through song!!!  This program is definitely a highlight of the year; however, the youngest kids on campus are just plain funny!!!  This year the K4 team decided to share […]

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Will Your Eulogy Reflect Jesus?

In Public Speaking class we are working on “special occasion speeches.” Students are writing their eulogies as if they lived to ninety and are reflecting on their lives. When their time is up, hopefully at a ripe old age, what will they want the most important people in their lives to say about them? Who […]

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Crazy Bird Lady

My husband Darren tells me that I am like a weird cat lady, but with birds instead of cats.  One of my favorite things to do is lay in a hammock in the backyard and read.  One day last year as I was laying under our big oak tree, I noticed a red cardinal flying […]

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Reflections from the One-Room Schoolhouse

“A shield around stove distributes heat more evenly. Perhaps not necessary while school is small.” – County Superintendent’s Report to Teacher with Accompanying Suggestions. Clay County Kansas, January 25, 1911                   This helpful suggestion was provided to my grandmother, Emma Pocock, 110 years ago as she taught in a school house in Clay County Kansas. […]

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