Taking Up Your Shield of Faith


Superheroes And the Armor of God

All little children have heroes.  Some heroes come in the form of a princess like Jasmine or Ariel, and for others a superhero might be Superman or Spiderman. But in the case of one little boy I knew very well, Captain America beat them all out. Two years ago this little man was 3 years old, getting ready to celebrate his 4th birthday, when he was testing the limits like every child does, and in 3-year-old fashion, broke his arm. The only way he would allow the doctors to put a cast on him if it was Captain America blue giving him super powers like his hero and his parents had to get him a shield for his other arm to be ready for battle.

One year later this same little boy put on his Captain America shirt and his Captain America backpack and headed out the door ready for a sleepover. As Hayden walked out of our home and a day later into our eternal home, I never considered the fact that he would lay down his earthly shield for me to pick up my eternal shield of Faith.

As Christian parents we are given a massive artillery of weapons that we don’t realize we have until we are forced to pick them up; however, they are there for us to use on a daily basis.  In Ephesians 6, the Word tells us that we are given the full armor of God to fight off the schemes of the devil because we are not in war against flesh and blood but against darkness and evil. One of these pieces of armor is the Shield of Faith, which is used to extinguish the fiery arrows of the evil one.

On a daily basis, each of us are confronted with a fiery arrow of evil whether it be in the form of a late notice, a lie, a relationship at work, or possibly an affliction from our past. These are difficult for us to bear, but God has equipped us over years to learn how to deal with each one. However, these same fiery arrows also afflict our children. They may already be Christians and equipped with the armor of God, but they are still children and God placed them in our care. So, we must be ready to take up our Shield of Faith for them as well too.

The world is a crazy place, but God has blessed each of us to be able to have our children at Lakeland Christian School. LCS doesn’t just bear the Christian name; it honestly has a school environment that is bathed in prayer on a daily basis, that still puts an emphasis on Biblical understanding, each teacher is a full believer in the Word of God, and administrators truly want the best for each of the students enrolled. Lakeland Christian School is one big family, including students, parents, volunteers, grandparents, facility, and staff. However, sometimes when families are growing bigger, it’s not as easy to all come together in one living room anymore, so there need to be ways to get together and build stronger bonds that will last.

The LCS Shield Maidens

As I was praying over my position and my transition to LCS, I knew as a mom I wanted to be involved, I wanted to make the school years wonderful for each of the students, and I wanted to be bonded together with other moms in this effort. God began to lay upon my heart, a dream of what is now the LCS Shield Maidens – a place for any mom to come together with other moms and make amazing, fun, and eventful things happen at LCS. A group that would help make a difference in the school atmosphere, education and formation, and best of all, help other moms be able to bring their children to LCS through the efforts of Financial Aid and the newest event, the Voyages and Victories Gala.

 Disney 1 year
Disney 1 year

These ladies are taking up their shield of faith in making new things happen. They are trusting God on a daily basis to fulfill the desires of their hearts and take care of their children. These moms are truly like the Viking female warriors, even though there were few, they were mighty, and they were Shield Maidens.

God is truly amazing; He weaved every part of my journey together to where I am now. He has strengthened my faith in the loss of my son Hayden by the overwhelming Shields that have been given to me throughout the year, reminding me to bear my own shield of faith that comes from the greatest Hero ever, Jesus Christ my Savior.

Through this shield of faith, I’m bonded with other moms who are taking up their shield for their children and all the other children at LCS. God has allowed me to bring together other moms and encourage them to take up their Shield of Faith. The Shield of Faith is a gift each Christian has been given. It’s time that each of us take it out of our artillery bag and bear it against the evil in this world.

Kristen Hitchcock serves as the Associate Director of Advancement. You can reach her at khitchcock@lcsonline.org.