When your child walks through the doors of Lakeland Christian School, there are three things you can count on.

Stack of Books Illustration

An engaging curriculum that promotes active learning

Chalkboard Illustration

Knowledgeable teachers who care about their students

Bible Illustration

The truth of God’s Word integrated into every subject, in every class

These three elements are present when your child begins pre-kindergarten and continue until your student finishes their senior year. By the time our students have completed their LCS careers, they are

Well-Prepared to Impact the World

Active Learning

LCS students receive a hands-on learning experience that is both educational and fun. Students learn not only from hearing, but by doing.

Knowledgeable Teachers

The Lakeland Christian School faculty is composed of educators who love teaching, love the students and are at the top of their fields. Our teachers are committed to instructing your children and demonstrating Christian character through the curriculum and by example.

Integration of God’s Word

At Lakeland Christian School, we focus on “Education in the Light of God’s Word.” From K4 through twelfth grade, our mission is to teach and demonstrate God’s truth in every subject area.