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Tuition & Fees

Financial Policies Brochure, 2019-2020

10 Months$1,020$1,160$1,210$1,250
12 Months$850$967$1,009$1,042
  • Grade K4: Visit the K4 page of the website for various schedule options
  • The school year begins in August and runs concurrently with a standard school year. Payment options include a 12-month payment plan, although the K4 program is not in session during the summer months.
  • Full tuition is charged for the oldest child. The second child receives a 10 percent discount, and the third child receives a 20 percent discount. Beyond three, each additional child receives a 50 percent discount. NOTE: The multi-child discount does not apply to Discovery Program tuition or for part-time students.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is typically available to families who otherwise may not be able to attend LCS due to financial constraints. This assistance is based on financial need and does not cover 100 percent of tuition costs. LCS participates in the Step Up For Students scholarship program, the Gardiner Program and the McKay Scholarship program. If you qualify for and/or are awarded financial assistance through one of these three programs, these resources must be accessed prior to applying for financial aid through LCS.

New families must first complete the online application process for school admissions and will then receive a link to FACTS, a third-party service that processes the financial/income information necessary in awarding financial aid.

To find out the required documents to be submitted for the financial aid application, please call the Business Office at (863) 688-2771.

Registration & Fees

All fees are non-refundable.

New Students:

  • Application Fee (K4) $50.00
  • Enrollment Fee (K4) $150.00
  • Application Fee (K5-12) $150.00
  • Enrollment Fee (K5-12) $350.00

All new students pay a non-refundable application fee upn submission of their online application. Following acceptance, a FACTS account is st up in order to pay the enrollment fee and secure the student’s place for the next year.

Returning Students:

  • Enrollment Fee (January 14 – February 28) $350.00
  • Enrollment Fee (March 1 – April 30) $450.00
  • Enrollment Fee (After April 30) $550.00

Payment of the matriculation fee and completion of the re-enrollment packet by February 28th secures each returning student’s place for the coming year. Since placement of new students begins immediately after this deadline, re-enrollment by February 28th is recommended to prevent a returning student being placed in the waiting pool.

Senior Fees:

  • Graduation Fee – $325.00
  • Senior Trip Fee – $450.00

Activity Fee:

  • K4 and K5 – $100.00
  • Grades 1-5 – $100.00
  • Grade 6-8 – $200.00

The annual activity fee is designed to cover enrichment opportunities for each grade level that have historically been paid for outside of tuition. In an effort to assist families in their financial planning, the activity fee will be divided and billed on their selected tuition schedule. This fee will cover the cost of field trips and class parties for each grade level. It will not cover items such as Fine Arts registration fees, athletic fees or school uniforms. For further details, please refer to the Projected Expense Sheet available below for each grade level.
There is no activity fee for students in grades 9-12 or the Discovery Program.

Athletics/Arts Fees:

  • Football – $200.00; All other sports – $100.00
  • Band Registration Fee (Grades 5-12) – $100.00

Private Music Study:

  • Grades K5-1 Group Piano (minimum of 32 lessons) – $650 annually
  • Grades 2-12 (1/2 hour lesson per week, minimum of 34 lessons) – $1,000 annually
  • Grades 7-12 voice (1/2 hour lesson per week, minimum of 34 lessons) – $1,000 annually