Whether your student is musically inclined, shines in the spotlight, or would rather pick up a paintbrush than a pen, the Fine Arts Department at Lakeland Christian School provides creative opportunities for everyone interested in pursuing art, music and drama. With award-winning programs and experienced faculty, our students get an early start in developing their talents.

The LCS arts department offers challenging, hands-on opportunities, and encourages inventive thinking, creative expression and, in many cases, collaboration. Students are encouraged to develop and hone their skills through hands-on experience.

Class offerings

Honors Band & Chorus

Music Composition


AP Studio 2-D Art

Private Piano & Voice Lessons


Graphic and Information Design

AP Studio 3-D Art

AP Music Theory

Dual Enrollment Music Appreciation

Honors Art III

AP Art Drawing

Pursue Your Passion

Secondary students can immediately explore art electives, and by high school, they gain valuable experience through advanced visual, digital, musical and performance art courses and extracurricular opportunities. Students as young as kindergarten receive piano instruction, with band beginning in 5th grade. Voice and instrumental training continues through high school, and more advanced musicians are able to take part in a composition lab where they can write their own music. Additionally, students in the RISE Institute will benefit from their very own Artist in Residence, who mentors students in digital design.

Arts Performance