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Lakeland Christian School

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Lakeland Christian School

One of the core values of LCS is the belief that we are partnering with parents in the Christian education of their children. We believe that mutual respect, communication and involvement by all partners is essential for success of our mission.LCS is a school. We believe that being a Christian school and being a top-flight academic institution should not be mutually exclusive. On the contrary, we take the mandate of Colossians 3:23 that calls us to strive to be the best. We provide a variety of rigorous, engaging, academic and co-curricular activities that enable students to identify and express the full range of their unique gifts and abilities.

Research. Innovation. STEM Learning. Entrepreneurship.

“Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible.’”

Matthew 19:26

Why join the research team?

At LCS, we recognize that children thrive in a supportive and nurturing community.  For those who have an intense interest in research science, the RISE Institute Research Team provides a caring community of like-minded individuals. The Research Team is a safe place for those with a passion for science and an interest in doing something extraordinary to thrive.  The academic as well as the spiritual and social-emotional needs of high ability/highly motivated students are an important part of our program design. The Research Team provides a place where students are both challenged and nurtured, where friendships are deep and learning is meaningful.


Enrichment activities include exposure to experiences that stimulate student interest using exciting media, talks by subject-area experts, and compelling scenarios for discussion. RISE mentors build on these inspiring situations to help students generate momentum in developing projects or research questions. Advisers help balance self-discovery, effort, and targeted input on student activities. Investigative learning is the goal, and a unique project is an outgrowth of this sustained creative activity.

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