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Autism Education


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The Discovery Program

The Discovery Program is a distinction of the LCS campus that is significantly impacting lives on a daily basis.

It is made up of two classrooms offered to students with a specific diagnosis of autism, language impairment and/or related disabilities. This special education program is available for children four to 14 years old with an emphasis on academic skills and independent living skills. Classroom instruction is based on a blended model of best practice approaches and social skills training.

The curriculum is specially modified to meet each child’s individual needs. Children are taught in a low ratio (1:4), structured classroom by teachers who have had extensive training. Each child’s individual education plan is reviewed annually with the parent to monitor progress and ensure program effectiveness. Tuition costs for the Discovery Program include weekly speech/language and/or occupational therapy. We offer an optional four-week summer session at an additional cost.

The Discovery Program began several years ago with four students in one small classroom. As the children moved into their new home in the George W. Jenkins Discovery Wing of the Elementary/Middle School Building, the program immediately tripled its enrollment.

Families enrolled in the Discovery Program are extremely pleased with the certified faculty and are thankful for the many aspects of the program that are not available in the public school setting.

The presence of these very special children on campus is mutually “life-altering.” Discovery students and “regular-ed” students have formed close bonds. Children see that we are all unique and can help one another. Students are learning to build relationships and solve problems – a win-win situation.

Admissions Process

Discovery Program Admissions Procedures:

  • The inquiring family must provide a current IEP and recent evaluation for review by the Elementary Principal.
  • The Elementary Principal will perform a preliminary review of the ESE documentation and will schedule an initial family interview. For a checklist of the required documentation, click here.
  • The Admissions Office will schedule testing and shadow time for the student.  If the program seems to be appropriate for the student, an enrollment packet will be provided to the parents by the school registrar, Mrs. Mary Fairchild.
  • Final interviews will be scheduled. The family is scheduled to meet with the Business Office to discuss the financial obligations of enrollment and tuition assistance programs.  If the student is not accepted into the program, parents are notified by letter or by the Program Coordinator when student testing is completed.

If you have questions regarding the Discovery Program, please contact Mrs. Luci O’Byrne, Elementary Principal, by phone at (863) 688-2771 or by email at

Tuition Information (2021-2022)

Payment Schedule

Tuition payments may be made annually, by semester, quarterly, over 10 months or over 12 months. All monthly tuition payments are made via electronic funds transfer to FACTS Tuition Management. The yearly fee for this service is $15 (if paying by semester) or $45 per family (if paying quarterly, over 10 months or over 12 months). There is no fee if paying annually.

View the different tuition levels here:

2021-2022 School Term

School Hours: 8:05 a.m. to 2:15 p.m.

New Students: 
  • Application Fee: $150.00
  • Non-Refundable Enrollment Fee: $350.00
Returning Students:
  • Non-Refundable Enrollment Fee (January 11-February 28): $350.00
  • Non-Refundable Enrollment Fee (March 1-April 30): $450.00
  • Non-Refundable Enrollment Fee (After April 30): $550.00
Annual Tuition
  • Level 1: $17,500
  • Level 2: $20,000
  • Level 3: $22,500
  • Level 4: $25,000

(Tuition includes two sessions of occupational therapy per week. Two sessions of speech/language therapy services are also provided per week at no charge through a federal grant.)

NOTE: The multi-child discount does not apply to Discovery Program tuition.

Food Service

The Lakeland Christian School cafeteria offers a variety of meal alternatives that cater to our diverse student population. Cafeteria menus and meal item portions are created to meet the varied levels of student preferences. All menus are reviewed and approved by a registered dietician to ensure menus meet nutrition standards and nutrient composition from a variety of food sources that support optimal nutrition.  Students receive three daily meal options ranging from “the classics” (home-style favorites), peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and deli-meat sandwiches. Meal service transactions are processed through a point-of-service register system which allows parents to review and monitor student purchases on a daily basis. Parents are asked to place money in their child’s lunch account and maintain a positive balance at all times. Students may also opt to bring their lunch from home.

Daily meal prices:  $4.00 (Discovery 1), $4.50 (Discovery 2)

Overdue Payments and Early Withdrawal

A late fee of one and a half percent per month may be assessed on charges older than thirty days. For payments returned to the school because of insufficient funds, the school will assess a $30.00 service charge. No student may be enrolled in a new semester unless all previous semester payments have been made. If a student is withdrawn during a semester, the full semester’s tuition is due. Student transcripts/records will only be released after the family account has been paid in full.

Scholarship Information

Lakeland Christian School accepts a number of supplemental scholarship programs.  Families may also apply for additional financial aid. For more information, click here.

Contact the LCS Business Office at (863) 688-2771 for more information.

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