2020 Hall of Honor Inductees

2020 Hall of Honor Inductees

A life characterized by integrity, respect, endurance, faithfulness, perseverance, and humility is worthy of honor. When the consistent goal of that life is to glorify God and influence young people toward wholehearted devotion to the Savior, the life takes on eternal significance. We are pleased to honor two such gentlemen this week.

The LCS Athletic Hall of Honor has been established to recognize those who have made outstanding contributions to advancing the mission of LCS in the hearts of young people through athletics. This year we are pleased to announce the induction of Mike Musick and Mark Kirby into the LCS Hall of Honor. They will be recognized at half time of the LCS-Ft. Meade football game Friday night.

Mike Musick

Mike Musick joined the LCS faculty in 1978. He established the LCS track and field and cross-country teams. In his 40 years as head coach his teams collected seven state championships in cross country, seven state championships for track and field and eleven state runners up titles. He had the opportunity to coach all four of his children to individual state titles and school records in their events. He was the first coach in Florida history to win state titles in both girls and boys cross-country and both girls and boys track and field. He also coached girls basketball from 1981-84. He was inducted into the Polk County Sports Hall of Fame in 2020.

Coach Musick models a deep commitment to the study of the scriptures continually exhorting his students to make a life-time habit of reading three chapters of the Bible each day. When I have had opportunity to be in his faculty devotions prayer group, he has often prayed that we would “preach the gospel with our lives today and if necessary, use words.”

Mr. Musick first came to LCS as a teacher giving leadership to the science department teaching biology, chemistry, physiology, and over time expanded his teaching career to include Latin, New Testament Greek, and Bible. One former student commented, “When Mr. Musick teaches you something, you feel like you have known it all your life!” He often signed prayer cards to students and alumni with the moniker, “Science Dept.”

In the fall of 2018, Coach Musick faced serious surgery and the beginning of his battle with cancer. After missing the first semester, he returned to the classroom. Throughout the challenges of surgery and treatment, he has continually expressed his confidence in God’s sovereign care and oversight over his life.

Mark Kirby

Mark Kirby joined the LCS faculty in 1980. He was appointed Athletic Director in 1988 and served in that capacity for 32 years. He currently serves as Assistant Athletic Director. Under his leadership the LCS athletic program expanded from 10 teams in 7 sports to the current level of 41 teams in 14 sports. The LCS athletic program has received the Small School Sports Award for Polk County 21 times. He has provided the administrative oversight and support for the school’s 17 state championships, 25 state runners-up, and hundreds of district and regional titles. He coached varsity boys basketball for 11 years and assisted Coach Musick in Cross Country and Track for 25 years. Like Coach Musick, Coach Kirby also was able to coach his four children, two of whom are on the current LCS coaching staff.

Coach Kirby demonstrates a deep love for LCS and an uncompromising desire that the athletics program represent the Savior before a watching world in a way that is honoring to the Lord. His desire for the crucible of sport to be an integral part of the discipleship of student athletes has been a consistent theme of his leadership. The integrity of the LCS athletic program is highly respected among the LCS coaches, the FHSAA staff, and athletic directors across the state.

Mr. Kirby’s teaching responsibilities over the years have included physical education, Bible, Driver’s Education, and Health. He has spent countless hours behind the wheel of LCS busses transporting not only teams he has coached, but also driving for other coaches in the program. He is the consummate example of someone who exercises the biblical gift of “helps” as he serves behind the scenes to contribute to the public success of others.

Teaching others to teach others

The apostle Paul wrote to Timothy exhorting him to take the gospel message that Paul had instilled into Timothy and to “entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” (2 Timothy 2:2) The lives of great leaders build a legacy of influencers who take the lessons learned and pass them on to the next generation. Coaches Musick and Kirby have taught and coached over 20 current or former LCS faculty members and over 20 current or former LCS coaches.

We are grateful for the influence of these two outstanding LCS Viking coaches, teachers, and mentors. We give glory to God and we honor His servants who are faithfully fulfilling their calling through LCS athletics.