Independence Day Quiz

Happy Independence Day!

 What’s your family’s favorite way to celebrate the 4th of July? It’s a lot of fun, but it is also about more than fireworks, picnics, and vacation.

We commemorate our courageous forefathers who went on record as supporting the cause of independence from British rule. In the midst of enjoying the central holiday of summer, let’s be sure to pause and reflect on those brave souls who put their lives on the line in birthing a new nation!

Who is the family “history champ?”

So, here’s a pop quiz on the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution. Perhaps a family history competition would be a fun way to focus on these important events. Let’s see who the family history champ is!

1.Who was the first signer of the Declaration of Independence? He wanted to write his name large enough to be sure the king could read it!

A. George Washington

B. Benjamin Rush

C. John Hancock

D. Patrick Henry

2. Who wrote the first draft of the Declaration of Independence?

A. James Madison

B. Benjamin Franklin

C. John Adams

D. Thomas Jefferson

3. According to the Declaration of Independence, the basic rights of all men originate from:

A. The Creator

B. The statements of the First Continental Congress

C. The constitution

D. British Common Law

4. The signers of the Declaration believed that the truths of these basic rights were:

A. Based in British legal tradition

B. Self- evident to all

C. Different depending on one’s national origin

D. Established by duly authorized government authority

5. The Declaration of Independence includes:

A. The basic outline of the US government system

B. A list of the first thirteen colonies who became the first states in the new nation.

C. A list of grievances against the King and Parliament

D. A list of each of the offensive taxes imposed on the colonies

6. How many Bostonians were killed in the “Boston Massacre”?

A. Five

B. Five Hundred

C. Twenty-seven

D. None, all the casualties were British troops

7. What was the first major city liberated by the Continental Army by driving out the British troops in 1775. (Hint: This date is celebrated today as “Evacuation Day” during which all parking downtown is free!)

A. Philadelphia

B. Boston

C. New York

D. Lexington

8. The British final surrender to the Americans came after the siege of:

A. Yorktown

B. Boston

C. Philadelphia

D. Saratoga

9. Ethan Allen was the leader of what famous Vermont regiment of soldiers?

A. The Sons of Liberty

B. The Magnificent Seven

C. E Company

D. The Green Mountain Boys

10. Who was the famous rider who helped warn the colonists the night before the war started?

A. John Adams

B. Nathan Hale

C. Kit Carson

D. Paul Revere

11. Who was the first African-American patriot killed in the war?

A. James Armistead

B. Crispus Attucks

C. Robert Brown

D. John Witherspoon

Bonus Question:

Which signee of the Declaration of Independence was defense counsel for the British troops involved in the Boston Massacre?

A. Thomas Jefferson

B. John Adams

C. Benjamin Rush

D. John Witherspoon

And the winner is????


  1. C; 2. D; 3. A; 4. B; 5. C; 6. A.; &. B; 8. A. 9. D.; 10. D; 11. B; 12. Bonus: B.

Rating: 10-12 correct- Congrats! You get first choice of whatever comes off the grill!

7-10 correct- Not bad. You get the biggest piece of watermelon at the picnic!

4-7 correct- Dust off the 8th grade history book! – You get to light some firecrackers!

0-4 correct- Be glad you to get to come to the picnic! – You have to settle for a sparkler!

“The World Turned Upside Down”

When the British surrendered at Yorktown (spoiler alert for question #8) their fife corps played the tune, “The World’s Turned Upside Down” to reflect their astonishment that the British military had lost the war. The idea that the ragamuffin colonists could prevail made them feel like civilization was inverted!

As we read the principles of the Declaration- basic human rights as originating from the Creator (and not government), that all men are created equal (we are still growing in our understanding and application of that truth), and that the right to life is among the inalienable rights (in a day of legalization of abortion, euthanasia, infanticide, assisted suicide, etc.) we sense the world is being turned “upside down” from the order established by the Creator.

Seeing Right Side Up!

The mission of the Christian school is more critical than ever. We want to raise up a generation that has a gospel-centered perspective and the godly wisdom to apply God’s Truth to all of life. Enjoy the holiday. Give thanks for the courage of our Founding Fathers. Join us in helping others see the world “right side up.”