Mrs. Green’s “Top Ten List”

I know I may be dating myself, but I loved David Letterman’s “Top Ten Lists.” For those who are younger, and aren’t familiar with the “Top Ten List”, host David Letterman would present a list of ten items, compiled by his writing staff, that circulated around a common theme. As another school year comes to an end, I have decided to compile my own “Top Ten List” of why I love LCS. I know that this is not an exhaustive list and there are many more reasons to love this school. But these are 10 of my favorites!!!

10. RISE program which provides students the opportunity to engage in advanced project-based learning through independent scientific research, engineering challenges, engagement with law and public policy, film production and entrepreneurship.

9. Sensational Yearbook put together by a talented yearbook staff and students who desire to document activities and accomplishments throughout the school year!!! Hats off for a job well-done!!!

8. Cross Grade Level interaction—Wow!!! It used to be that you “rubbed elbows” with other grades only when you reached high school; however, LCS has taken this to new level. The following are just a few of the ways our students participate with other grade levels from elementary to high school…TA, 5th grade buddies, school musicals, annual Christmas Program, sports, RISE program

7. Remarkable Fine Arts Department—Have you ever attended an LCS musical? Been to a football game and heard the band? Listened to the Chamber Ensemble sing wonderful worship songs? INCREDIBLE!!! Our students really use their God given talents to praise the LORD through music. Soli Deo Gloria!!!!!

6. Accomplished Sports Program—LCS has 38 teams participating in 13 different sports. The school has 22 state champion titles with 24 state runner-up finishes.

5. An Unbelievable Resource Officer—-LCS appreciates Officer Stinson and his tireless effort to keep our school safe.

4. Community within a Community—I LOVE the LCS community. This place cares for one another, prays for one another, laughs with one another, cries with one another, and celebrates with one another. We are FAMILY!!!

3. Staff that serves LCS—Our school is blessed with cafeteria ladies who prepare delicious, healthy meals every day. Our maintenance crew is always working to keep our school looking beautiful. They are pretty good at fixing things and cleaning up our messes too.J Administrative assistants keep the school well organized and make the day to day operations run smoothly.

2. Teachers that have taught 2 generations—My own children have had some of the same teachers that my husband had when he attended LCS. Thanks to Dr. Mike Sligh, Mrs. Mary Sligh, Mr. Mike Musick, Mr. Dean Johnson, Mr. Mark Kirby, Miss Susan Ellis, and Mrs. Judy Oncu. That speaks volumes for a school to have teachers with such longevity.

And the #1 Reason Why I Love LCS…Lakeland Christian School—our middle name, CHRISTIAN, says it all. We strive to develop the WHOLE student—academically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Our motto is “Education in the Light of God’s Word.” We teach students to look at the world through the lens of scripture.

I am indeed privileged and grateful to work at LCS. I am thankful my kids get to attend LCS.

Viking View written by Missy Green, K4 LCS Teacher