My Story: A Light in the Darkness, A Hope for Eternity

Have you ever thought of how the darkness in our world affects us? Have you ever been scared to go outside because you feel like something bad could happen? Have you ever had trouble believing there is a way to get past this darkness? There is a hope. There is a light that we can follow. But who is it? What is it? What would it want from me? Can I trust it?

The hope that you may find can be hidden or hard to find. You need someone to help you. Someone to guide you. Someone you can trust with your life to help you through this rough time of darkness.

2018: “The suicide rate is the highest it has ever been. More and more teens are going to the darkness rather than the light,” People tell me as I grow up. They always want the best from me. The one drop of hope that I can give to others may save their lives.

“Why, why, why do people do this?” I hear people ask. What is the point if the light gives you reason? Why do more and more people do this every day? If there is already more and more darkness in this world, are they adding on to is or do they do this to get away from it?

Who is this you might ask? Jesus. It’s Jesus! He saved us. He wants us. He loves us. You should love Him. Oh what a story! I want to share it. You’ll love it, you’ll need it, and you’ll treasure it.

(Found in the book of Luke)

Jesus. Sent to be ours. Sent to save us, sent to redeem us. “For unto you a child is born and you should name him Emmanuel. An angel was sent to proclaim Jesus birth! Mary was about to conceive a son, and he would call his name Jesus. His father Joseph beamed with joy. He was to about to be the father of the most Holy One.

One night, the king sent all of the people to their hometowns. Joseph had to go to Bethlehem with Mary. She was riding a donkey and was about to give birth. They made it to Bethlehem, which was Joseph’s hometown, and they knocked on every inn door. No one had room for them. The only room for them was in a stable, but they took the offer and right away Mary gave birth. There he was…Jesus. She wrapped him in white swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger.

An angel appeared to three shepherds and told them about what just had happened. The angel said that there was a star over where Jesus was. They responded with great joy and declared that what the prophets said had come true. They started off right away to where Jesus was and declared that this was the Glorious King. They worshiped God.

They had hope. Should we have hope? What is hope? Hope – a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. We need it. We have to have it. Do you have it? I hope this wonderful story gave you it. No matter what, trust God. It may take awhile, but it is worth it. The best decision you can ever make is following him.

I bet you are wondering about what Jesus did in his life. Did he sin? What is sin? Sin-something wrong that you do. Let me just tell you, we all do it a lot. Jesus, on the other hand, did not sin through his whole life. He might’ve been mocked, beaten or just plain hurt, emotionally and physically. His life was a journey we can all read about in the Bible. The best part of his journey: He died for our sins.

The story is found in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. They sent him before Pilate, and Pilate found no guilt. The people yelled, “Crucify him! Crucify him!” Jesus was not guilty. Pilate, being a people pleaser, said yes. They beat him. They spit on him. They made him carry his own cross to a hill. They crowned him with thorns. They nailed him to a cross. They stabbed him to make sure he was dead. There was Jesus lying on the cross dead, but he had done no wrong.

Everyone now knew the prophecy had come true. The more people who said it, the more disciples there were. Are you a disciple? Are you sharing the story of God?

You may be discouraged if you hear that story and think, “Why did they kill Jesus?” It is something we all think. But we have hope.

On the third day in his tomb Jesus arose. He came back to life. He was alive. The most exciting thing ever, right? After many days with his friends, Jesus ascended up to heaven. What is Heaven? Heaven is the place where Jesus lives. It is where he is now.

You may not be able to see him, but he is there. There are many, many stories of miracles that have happened in this life. Just like we can’t see wind, we can’t see God. We may be able to hear him.

I was diagnosed with seizures in 2014 (I was in 4th grade). It was very hard for me. My family tried to find the right doctor, tried to find the right medication for me, tried to find hope.

When I was at the doctor, she told me that I had absence seizures. They are seizures where your brain shuts down for around 10-15 seconds. It was hard for me. As a fourth grader, I did not know what my organs were, so when she told me all the side affects off the medication, I WAS SO SCARED. I prayed. My mom prayed. My dad prayed. When the doctor left, we all started crying. I remember hearing a voice saying, “Allison, I am going to get you through this.” It made me cry even more. It was the best thing that I could hear at that moment in time. It was God, I thought. At that moment, I said to my parents that I was going to be ok.

When we meet up with my grandparents, I told them not to worry because I am in God’s hands. They said that they will never forget that moment. They knew how much I had hope in life.

Now it is 2019, and I will find out if I am seizure free or not. God has taught me many things through this, and I can share this with you.

You can get through whatever you are going through. Even if you are getting bullied, struggle with an illness or struggle with depression. There are ways to get through it. Don’t think that it is the end. There is no end. If you believe in God, there is no end in heaven. You have to trust in Him and just believe. Just as when you were a little kid and believed in Santa, have that same hope in God.