Ode to Claudia

A poem by Dr. Sligh, Headmaster, on the occasion of the retirement of Claudia Powell, Executive Administrative Assistant for the Headmaster and Director of Advancement.

Ode to Claudia

Who knew that this 5 year-old arrived to stay,

When Claudia entered LCS her first kindergarten day.

Her thirteen-year school journey had begun,

Filled with highs, lows, and so much fun.

From kindergarten through high school the Vikings she did cheer,

Her parent’s sacrificed to enroll her year by year,

Providing her “lifer” experience was quite a feat,

Her mother joined the cafeteria staff, to make ends meet.

Who knew when Claudia entered sixth grade,

The beginnings of a life-long friendship would be made.

She entered my wife’s class that year,

Her quiet spirit and diligent work set her apart midst her peers.

And on to high school she did go,

A cheerleader, homecoming queen, and so,

When her LCS years finally came to a close,

“I won’t be back” was her repose.

She met and married Robbie, became a wife,

She was ready for a new adventure in life.

Along came Cory into their home,

And in a few years, the LCS halls she did roam.

As her mother had modeled in years past,

Claudia began work at LCS to make the tradition last,

From student to school parent, and school grandparent,

Her passion for LCS to all was apparent.

Her service to all of us spanned 28 years,

Her retirement and departure have brought a few tears.

Her quiet wisdom, sweet temperament, and genuine kindness,

Her breadth of influence extends far beyond us.

So we wish her Godspeed on her new agenda,

Carving out a family homestead in the hills of Virginia.

With Robbie, Cory, Josh, Kylie, Maverick and Harley,

Powell Mountain will be home for the next part of their story.

Though change is often not to our liking,

We have all truly been blessed by this most loyal of Vikings,

For your service and friendship we’ll always be grateful,

We’ll join with the Lord in saying, “Well done, you’ve been faithful”

Viking View written by: Mike Sligh, Ed. D., LCS Headmaster