Out of the Mouth of Babes…

     Every year, the K4 kids participate in the K4 Christmas Program.  As teachers, it is our privilege to teach our students about the Christmas story through song!!!  This program is definitely a highlight of the year; however, the youngest kids on campus are just plain funny!!!  This year the K4 team decided to share with you just some of the funny things that K4 kids and their teachers say during our practices and the performance. 

***If you have ever spent time around small children, you will notice that sometimes they have difficulties with speech articulation.  As teachers, we know it is important to correct words spoken improperly; but some things are just too cute to fix.  The following are some lines from our program.  (They are written the way our students recited them)

Boy Student—“Den da sky filled with andels saying, ‘Dory to Dod in the highest!!!’”

Girl Student—“And she wrapped him in wadding clothes and laid Him in a manger.”

Girl Student Sang—“All the carols and bells, make the holidays swelled!!!”

***K4 students said the following about parts they were playing in the program.

One little boy was a wise man who was supposed to follow a star across the stage.  After the little boy practiced several times, he looked at the teacher and said, “I don’t really like this parade!”

After 11 years, we decided to purchase a new Mary and Joseph costume.  But until the new costume was in, Ms. Tammi told the student, “Just wear the old costume until the new one gets here.”  The student, who was playing Joseph replied, “Could it be a dinosaur costume?”

***These are things the teachers say during practice.

“Don’t put your head in the shirt.”

“Mom and Dad really don’t want to see you picking your nose!!”

“M & M’s really do melt in your hands!!!”

After the time spent getting everyone in place, Ms. Missy often says, “Now I forgot what song we are singing!!”

     We certainly have a great time practicing and performing for our parents and elementary student body.  We have been doing the program for 11 years.  It brings our hearts joy when we hear former K4 students singing some of the songs.  K4 kids understand that Christmas is about celebrating Jesus and His miraculous birth.

     One particular song we sing, Ring the Bells, has a line in it which reads, “Tell the people everywhere that Jesus Christ is HERE!”  Ironically, as our world that tries so hard to reject Jesus, Christmas is that time where His birth announcement is still being proclaimed 2000+ years later.  Songs declaring Christ’s birth blare in grocery stores, blast at sporting events, and resound at theme parks. During this celebratory season, the world is a bit more receptive of the gospel.  As Christians, we need to be intentional in finding opportunities to share with our world that good news of Jesus birth. In K4 words—“Tell the people EVERYWHERE that Jesus Christ is HERE!!!!!”

Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

From the K4 Team