Turning Regrets Into Thanksgiving!

In meetings or outings, I often hear the words, “I regret____”…from a parent, teacher, or myself. As I look back over the years, I have many “regrets”.  However, maybe they are better phrased as opportunities to grow. I am so thankful that the Lord is my Father! The peace that Christians carry with them along this journey called LIFE is priceless. I know that the Lord used events in my life to make me stronger and prepare me for events that would be placed in front of me later to help others. I am so thankful that he didn’t leave my side through the thick-and-thin and that he navigated each step for me. The problem is, is that I am a sinner and mess up all of the time.  

I regret making stupid decisions in college, not having more “dinners with discussion” with my children when they were younger, not doing more spur of the moment adventures, and not going to see a friend of mine that was hospitalized in Alabama before she passed away. There are more than these four things that I regret, but this is supposed to be a blog and not a dissertation. 

What do we do with our regrets? Turn them over to the Lord! Lay them down at His feet. Then, take time to think through each one; this may take some time to intentionally think about one at a time and don’t rush through the process. Think of how the Lord has used it for good. Pray through each one and ask the Lord to reveal the good that came out of it and how it transformed you or someone else he placed in your path.

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. (1 Thessalonians 5.18)

Thank God in ALL circumstances – even in the midst of temptation to regret. Thank God that he saved you and has forgiven you of all your sins, that he works all things for good, that your failures remind you of your need for God, thank God for his patience and longsuffering with you, thank him for his steadfast love.

The more I remind my children that I have made mistakes, the more they want to talk to me about their mistakes. Be real with your children and keep the lines of communication open or you may regret it.  (Ha! Sorry…had to say it.)

Sit down with your child and ask them what they regret; and ask them to pray with you…to ask for forgiveness, for that awful feeling to be swept away, to help improve the situation if possible. Ask the Lord to reveal how our mess-up may help someone else down the road (in His timing, not ours).  Help your children identify when the Lord is at work and to thank our Heavenly Father in ALL circumstances. The progression from regret and guilt to prayer, thanksgiving, service and worship is so uplifting!!