Therefore, Encourage One Another…

For those of you who don’t know where the archive office is located, I actually have the best office in the school!  I have huge glass windows looking directly out at the football field and elementary playground.  There is even a balcony if I want to enjoy the weather.  My second-floor location often allows me to catch a glimpse of the amazing work that is going on here…both inside the building and out on the field.
A couple of weeks ago I watched as all sixty-six of our kindergarten students arrived on the football/soccer field along with their two coaches.  Soon music began playing and the students came alive – jumping around, throwing themselves on the turf, and making every imaginable movement with their arms and legs.  It certainly caught my attention because I could tell they were having a blast!

After a few minutes the coaches divided the classes into two groups and began instruction using footballs.  The students seemed interested to learn but most likely were just glad to be outside enjoying one another.  Before I arrived at school this particular morning I noticed a “letter to the editor” in The Ledger submitted by a local grandmother.  She was voicing concern that her grandchild was in a classroom seven hours each day with no time for recess or physical education.  Her concern centered on the amount of time needed to teach the Common Core curriculum in preparation for testing later in the year.  As I watched our kindergarten students that day I was thankful that we not only place emphasis on the academic but also on the physical and spiritual needs of each child.

Later this same week I had an opportunity to speak to one of our coaches.  He had just received an email from the father of one of his athletes.  I could tell this meant a great deal to him.  In the email the parent was very encouraging and asked for specific prayer requests so that he could pray for the coaching staff and their input into the life of his daughter.  Perhaps you have never thought to send an email to an LCS coach, teacher, administrator, or staff employee.  We all need to be encouragers; so, be aware of times during the year when you can offer a word of appreciation to those who serve you and your children so faithfully.  It will make their day!

“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”  I Thess. 5:11

John Douglass retired after serving at Lakeland Christian School for 40 years. He has taken on the role of archivist for the school. You can contact him at