Three Cheers For LCS…ready, set, go!

While I was recently dining at one of my favorite Knoxville, Tennessee restaurants, I noticed an item on the menu that had not caught my eye before. Strangely, it wasn’t my love for tacos that kept my attention as I read with interest the description for the Taco Trio.
The blurb stated that this item was offered “in the tradition of the great threesomes throughout history: the three stooges, the 3 musketeers…,” etc.  So, of course, I was intrigued to ponder some of the familiar things in life that come in threes.

My mother, the faithful, daily reader of obituaries, always assured me that “deaths came in threes.” She said this was particularly true for celebrities and even somewhat applied to people we knew in Lakeland. After seeing two familiar names in the obits, I’m sure she anxiously awaited that third name just to prove her theory true. Upon spying that third death notice, even several days later, I can still hear her exclaim, “Now you see there!”

Three’s Not A Crowd

Although this may get you going on your own listing, please allow me to present my own version of famous “threes”:

  • Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato
  • Rock, paper, scissors
  • On your mark, get set, go
  • Charley’s Angels
  • Blind mice
  • Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria
  • Little Pigs
  • Bears and, of course, Goldilocks
  • Rings in a circus
  • Harry, Hermione & Ron
  • D (when you have to wear glasses to see objects in your face)
  • Wise Men
  • Reading, Writing, ‘Rythmatic
  • Dog Night
  • Bean Salad
  • Men in a tub
  • Alvin, Simon, Theodore
  • Peter, Paul, Mary
  • Gold, Frankencense, Myrrh
  • Lion, Witch, Wardrobe
  • French Hens
  • Little Kittens without mittens
  • Huey, Dewey & Louie
  • Ring Notebook
  • Strikes and you’re out!
  • Abraham, Isaac, Jacob
  • Veni, Vidi, Vici
  • Snap, Crackle, Pop
  • Winken, Blinken, Nod,
  • Mike, Chip, Ernie (My Three Sons),
  • And, of course, the Holy Trinity – One God in Three Persons

Lakeland Christian also has it’s own triumvirate, one of significant value. It’s way more than just phrases that appear in most of our marketing materials. In fact, the language is in our marketing materials because it’s at the core of what we offer as a school – Challenging Academics…Championship Athletics…Award-winning Fine Arts. Yes, indeed – Lakeland Christian’s own version of Triple-A!

Academic To The Core

As I was proofreading the next issue of the school’s Engage magazine earlier today,  I see testimony from yet another alum who says they were prepared for their freshman year of college more than most of the folks they met at their college or university. If a school offers nothing else, it surely should provide a demanding and engaging curriculum, that is, of course, if it wants to prepare young people for future success. At LCS, this happens with grade level appropriateness as soon as children enter their first classroom.

As some are sadly apt to do, LCS isn’t just trying to move students along the pipeline and receive some sort of school accolades for having students with good grades. Rather, the Lakeland Christian courses of study are designed to prepare students to solidly impact their world through their careers. Whether in Kindergarten or High School or anywhere in between, LCS students are blessed with active learning presented by skilled educators certified in their field.

Good Sports

Although Lakeland Christian has won 20 State Championships, many regional titles, and consistently dominate District competition, LCS student-athletes simply enjoy the competition and camaraderie with their classmates. Yes, they’d rather win than lose, but the athletic experience at LCS is about way more than team records. Yet, they’d rather have a very good record…

Memories will include tense rivalry games, bus trips to away games, quotables from coaches, strenuous practices, and post-game meals with teammates and other friends. With 42 teams competing in 19 sports, the opportunities abound for many fond memories…and especially when we win those rivalry games!

Artfully Done

It seems like I receive an email every other week announcing positive results from another band or choir festival or competition. The keyword? SUPERIOR! With my musical ability mostly limited to pushing “play” on my extensive iPhone playlist, I am truly impressed with young people who can make music so competently. I wonder how many accomplished pianists got their start in the LCS piano labs as a primary student? Yes, we start ‘em young and those who stick with it truly enjoy the pay-off…as do those of us who hear them.

Although our students are certainly proficient, they are blessed with some of the finest instructors found anywhere. They really know their stuff and are masterful at taking students to the top. By the way, have you been to one of our fall musicals? ‘Nuf said.

The Main Thing

So the Triple A’s of Academics, Athletics and Arts may be what we offer, but a biblically-based distinctively Christian school is what we are. As a parent and now a grandparent, the what we are is everything.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m thrilled that students are learning math, English, history and science from some of the best. Wouldn’t want it any other way. However, while on campus these children and young people will also be forming friendships, developing values and establishing their worldviews. And that’s what makes a Christian education essential, especially in the world in which we live.

Every aspect of the LCS experience – in the classroom, on the athletic venue, or in the musical studio – is presented through the truth of the Bible. We serve as that valued partner with parents to reinforce how they are being reared at home and taught at church.

Biblical integration is the special sauce…the icing on the cake…the big enchilada — of what we are privileged to do each day. And there you go – three ways of saying what’s most important about the life-changing LCS experience!