A Welcoming Community of Students

I had occasion to have some individual visits with some of our seniors this week. As they reflected back on their years at LCS, one of the common themes that emerged was the sense of community here. Some thought back upon their first days at LCS, as transfer students entering a new school among lots of students who already knew one another. They commented on how they were made to feel welcome and a part of the school. The sense of community that they enjoyed on their first days on campus is still palpable to them today. For some the desire to find that same sense of unity and community is shaping their college decision.
I was delighted to hear those accounts. We go to extensive efforts to try to create a warm, welcoming and accepting culture at LCS. We want our new students and families to feel like they’ve been here for years! But with all of our efforts at Parent Ambassadors, welcome events, ice cream and donut gatherings for new students, we recognize that the real tone of community must be set by our students. We know we don’t do this perfectly, and we are always trying to improve. Nonetheless, when I heard these real life accounts, I felt a sense of pride in our students for a job well done. A positive and welcoming school culture is a wonderful asset that should never be taken for granted. Thanks, students, for welcoming the “new kids” to the LCS community!