Christmas Reflections from the Headmaster

My granddaughter, Gracie, wanted to be Mary in her preschool Christmas program today, but was assigned the role of an angel. (Her grandparents thought this was appropriate casting!) Gracie was ok with the unanticipated role when she realized that she got to tell the shepherds where to go! My recommendation to the shepherds is to do what they are told!
Sometimes during holidays we find ourselves in unanticipated roles. We may be grieving the loss of a loved one or the grief of unrealized expectations. Our life may have changed noticeably since last Christmas. Our children may present us with new challenges as they get older, or our parents likewise.

The constant in it all is the focus on the birth of the Savior. The shadow of the cross and the hope of the empty tomb are present at the manger. Now, as was true then, what God is ultimately bringing about is not evident in the moment. May the Lord enable us to trust him a little more this Christmas, to grow in our appreciation of His rescue of us from ourselves and our sin, and in some way encourage others to look to the hope that is ours beyond the manger.

Merry Christmas!