The Back Side of the Wreath: Reflections from the Third Floor

“These eighth graders just don’t want to leave!” a smiling middle school teacher observed amidst students rushing through the halls.
I was walking through the Elementary/Middle School building this week after dismissal time. I saw a teacher and student working together to assemble a bulletin board. Students were interacting excitedly on their way to basketball or soccer practice. Teachers were engaged in conversations with students long after the dismissal bell. A hallway poster expressed support for our troops while a bulletin board illustrated principles of science. The happy (mostly) faces and excited voices reminded me once again about what a special place LCS is. We are a blessed bunch.

As I left the hallway for the stairwell I found myself studying the cables and hooks securing the large Christmas wreath mounted on the front of the building. The essential supports that arrested my attention were only visible from the back side of the wreath. Standing in the parking lot, all one sees is the beautiful wreath and the sparkling lights of this festive decoration. It appears to be hanging there with no visible means of support.

The many students, teachers, coaches, and directors are the “face” of LCS. They are the lives that are touched every day on our campus. The instructional and activities programs of the school go on day after day like clockwork. Sometimes it may appear that it “just happens.” But there is another side to it all. The “back side” of Christian schooling includes all of the support that it takes to “hang the wreath” that is seen by the public.

By now you should have received my brief letter followed by a flip brochure that describes our Dream Come True campaign. Please give this appeal your prayerful consideration. Christian schooling requires a great deal of support, both financial and in other forms. It is an expensive enterprise, but it is worthy work with eternal implications. The cost is born not only by the parents who faithfully pay tuition, but also by parents and friends who step up to the challenge and responsibility of financially supporting LCS over and above tuition. It takes a lot of supplemental support to “hang the wreath” of LCS each year.

We are committed to doing all we can to eliminate the debt associated with $23 million of campus improvements that currently benefit every student at LCS. As we close in on completing this campaign, I would ask for your generous financial support. We don’t expect all to give equally, but would aspire that to equality in the level of sacrifice in our giving.

As you enjoy the beautiful wreath this month, remember that the means of support in the background make it possible. As you enjoy all of the benefits of LCS, remember that your financial support is equally critical in helping LCS to continue to shine!

Thanks for your participation in this critical effort. May God bless you and your family!

Merry Christmas!