Welcome to America!

When I was asked to write the blog I was extremely excited to share my wonderful experience in the US.  When I arrived in Florida two months ago, I was worried about what if I am homesick. During the way from the airport to my homestay, I felt very excited, but I also worried about my host family. Would I be able to understand their language? How about their food? Would they like me? It’s like thousands of questions came to my mind. At that time, I was filled with concern. Surprisingly, when I saw them and they hugged me I felt so close to them. My sweet host mum had already arranged my bedroom. It has my favorite color and my photo, so it felt very familiar like my real house. My host parents are so nice, and they welcomed me to their house. They knew that everything was new to me so they tried to help me get used to it.  They treat me like one of their own; they made me feel very comfortable. They are really like my parents and my teacher. I’m so happy because I have a good host family. My host brother and sister are both awesome; they help me with my study and introduce their friends to me. We laugh together, I can tell them my problems, and they are willing to help me.  I love to be with them.
It is also interesting to experience American culture with American people. I can open my knowledge wide. I do not need to do research about American culture. I can ask my host family anytime if I want to know about their culture. I was so impressed by some American culture like holidays, foods and lifestyle. When any holiday comes, we decorate the house and celebrate together.  They will tell me about the traditions in every holiday.

To me, my “American family” is my family. They opened their home to me, so I should, in return, open my heart to them.

I hope that other international students will grab this opportunity to have a fabulous experience like I have.


For students like Cayla, a host family is one of the most important parts of the American experience.  Host families have the opportunity to love students, teach them about American culture, and be the hands and feet of Jesus right from their own homes.  As we have more international students coming to “grab this opportunity” as Cayla hopes, we also pray for new host families to open their homes and hearts to these students!