Parking Lot / Car Line Information

Parents, please keep in mind the following safety precautions and pick up procedures:

1) Please make sure a car line cling is on the car that will be arriving to pick up your child(ren) or make sure that you have written a note in your child’s agenda if someone else is picking up your child. Car line clings or a note (preferably in the agenda) are the best options.

2) If your child is already at school and someone else needs to pick them up, a phone call to  Pennye McCormick, Stephanie Hicks, Marsha Hannum or an administrator is necessary. Do not leave a voicemail as the person may be absent that day.

3) The teachers need something in writing (note in agenda, text, email or gold note from one of the offices).

4) Contact us if you need additional car line clings.

5) If there is a car line cling on the car, it is an automatic pass to release your child. Please only give car line clings to people you trust and who regularly pick up your child.   If you have a nanny or babysitter that comes once a week or multiple times per week, they really should have a car line cling or you will need to write a note each time.

6) If you arrive without a car line cling on your car, you will be asked to provide ID and then we will check RenWeb from our phones. We will only release the child if you are listed as a family member or an emergency pick up person.

7) Many parents do not have everyone listed on the emergency pick up list.  If you have multiple children, you need to list those allowed to pick up under each child. We know this may be different for some siblings due to custody situations.  Try to think of friends who you may call at the last minute–the ones you ask to pick up your child so they are not sent to Supervision. Go ahead and help your friend or relative out and text them to confirm that you are listed on their child’s RenWeb.  If your friends or family members are not currently listed on RenWeb, you will need to print this form, complete it, and then return it ASAP.  If they are not listed and attempt to pick up your child, administration must call you to confirm it is fine for your child to be released to the person.   If we are unable to reach you, then your child will be sent to Supervision.

8) If a person designated to pick up your child walks up to the teacher to get your child, they will be asked to show ID and we will look up info in RenWeb.  It is safer if they stay in their car that has a car line cling.

9) Please review your RenWeb account periodically. Make sure all people are listed who you give permission to to pick up your child, (even in a pinch).  You cannot edit RenWeb from home.

10) Please avoid long conversations with teachers in car line as this takes away from the safety of other children.