The Viking Fund

Annual Giving to LCS

Faithful gifts, forever flourishing

Viking Fund

Prayerful contributions to the mission of LCS are never perishable. In fact, they “feed” our future in countless ways!  Enriching curriculum, which enriches minds. Enhancing the campus, which enhances the quality of our school life. Upgrading technology and resources, which upgrades our students’ ability to learn and succeed in a world of constant change.

Annual giving to The Viking Fund is the primary development effort which allows all those things – and much more – to flourish!


Your support of The Viking Fund Annual Giving program is an act of stewardship to that portion of God’s Kingdom right here at Lakeland Christian School. We hope you are moved to provide gift support to LCS each year as part of your partnership with the school. When you stand beside us, we are better able to sharpen the minds and shepherd the hearts of the next generation!

The LCS Advancement Office can assist you with any questions or gift planning. Call 863-688-2771 or email MattE Diaz, Chief of Institutional Advancement